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Pro/Am is when amateur dances competitively with a professional partner.

The professionals are not judged on the floor,
and you are only dancing against other amateurs.
Typically, the professional is your teacher.
There are several advantages to doing this.pro/am montreal
Assuming you have an experienced professional at your side,
you’ll know that your learning the dance correctly,
and the entirety of your practice time is focused on only you.
At a competition a seasoned partner can steer you through the maze
of dancers on the floor, letting you focus on doing your stuff. latin dance pro/am
You also can compete in many more dances and levels than is available to amateur couples.

Pro/Am is excellent learning experience!!!

Felicia Rosca pro-am montreal dancesport
Pro-Am competition
Danse Sport Montreal 2013
Dana Cernei pro-am dansesport 2013
Pro-Am competition
Danse Sport Montreal 2013

Great success at DanseSport Montreal 2013 !
"Quartier Latin" Pro-Am team did an amazing job!!!
Congratulation to all of them with great results!!!

Anastasia Kim pro-am montreal dancesport
Pro-Am competition
La Classique du Quebec 2012
Betty Ralea pro-am extravaganza 2012
Pro-Am competition
Extravaganza 2012

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