Dance school in Montreal
Ecole de Danse Sportive "Quartier Latin"

Latin & Ballroom Dance School
International Style Latin & Ballroom Dance Lessons
Learn to dance with our professionals Maxim & Alina
latin & ballroom dances
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About us

Ecole de Danse Sportive "Quartier Latin"
provide International Latin dance classes
for adult and children .
Main teachers and owners of the school is
Maxim Fomin and Alina Litvak .
Maxim and Alina decided to open their own dance school
after their successful career.
They are young professional dance teachers
with many years of experience .
When they opened their dance school, they thought to create something special and they chose a great location for the dance school ,a nice design and built a cozy and friendly atmosphere .
After 5 years,the school become one of the biggest in Montreal .
Today,the school has more than a 200 students
and more than half are children.
We are glad to say that we have amazing results ;
all of our students are very successful in their dance competitions.
We have achieved such great results thanks to a high level of professional teachers and a good atmosphere
during group and individual lessons .
Hope to see you in our dance school in Montreal
Ecole de Danse Sportive "Quartier Latin"!!!

The Dance School "Quartier Latin" is a place where you are able not only to learn latin and ballroom dances, but also how to control better the movements of your body as well as the elegance. This school is offering you the possibilities to learn the latin and ballroom dances for fun,fitness, social, competitive or special occasions such as weddings, corporate events or holidays.

The professional dancers will teach you to dance extraordinarily. You are always welcome to "Quartier Latin" dance school in Montreal. You are also welcome to choose the methods of your learning process whether you will choose the private lessons with a teacher, practice with your partner only, or simply taking the group lessons with the students of all levels accompanied by the teacher.

Private and Group Dance Lessons are offered in Ballroom, Latin ,DanceSport and Wedding dance People of all ages are accepted to train, with or without a partner, with or without dancing experience. By progressing during your training, you will increase your level and pass from one category to another.

In the ballroom, you will have the immense space with or without the music that the school will offer to you. The energy of the dance sport will always be around you during your presence in the ballroom. There will be no moment for you to feel yourself uncomfortably in the ballroom even if it is full of couples. Samba, cha cha cha, rumba, pasodoble, jive, salsa, merengue, bachata,waltz, tango, viennese waltz, slow fox, quickstep, all these dances are available to be taught. We are also organizing parties with several activities and dances in which all the students and the teachers are taking place.

"Quartier Latin" dance school was founded on the basis that everyone can learn to dance and benefit greatly from the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Social enhancements this activity offers. In today’s fast paced world, Ballroom and Latin dancing allows for stress relief, muscle toning, strength and flexibility, ease and confidence socially, as well as a method of meeting and making new friends.

At "Quartier Latin" dance school you will find caring, friendly, highly skilled, patient, responsible dance teachers working with very dedicated students in a fun, warm, relaxed atmosphere.

Join us and meet new friends, enhance your social life, improve your health and develop more confidence, poise, grace and popularity.

We hope to see you soon in our Dance School "Quartier Latin" in order to help you developing your dance talents. It is never too late to begin!

Ecole de Danse Sportive "Quartier Latin"
Latin & Ballroom Dance School

International Style Latin & Ballroom Dance Lessons

Learn to dance

with our professionals

latin & ballroom dance

instructors! Come and enjoy life while getting exercise that is fun to do!
Have more fun at parties, club dancing, your wedding dance, or business events!

Do you need a dance partner? No. Come alone if you like and meet new friends. You will have the chance to learn on your own, with your teacher and with others in your group classes.

Can you learn to dance? Absolutely! Ecole de Danse Sportive "Quartier Latin" dance experts will teach you step by step, no matter what level you are at. Everyone learns quite easily and is usually surprised with their progress.

Can you practice at the Ecole de Danse Sportive "Quartier Latin"? Of course! You are welcome to book practice time in the Ecole de Danse Sportive "Quartier Latin" during our opening hours. The more more you practice, the faster you will learn!

Benefits for you.

Ballroom dancing

is our first line of social activity. Dance lessons develop your poise and self-confidence. You will have more fun and make new friends. Dancing is a workout in disguise! It opens up a wonderful new world of togetherness and an exciting year-round social calendar.

Dedicated to your dance excellence & the highest degree of customer satisfaction, we offer:

Learn to ballroom dance the Ecole de Danse Sportive "Quartier Latin" way ...

1 - PRIVATE DANCE LESSONS - receive personalized one-on-one lessons

2 - GROUPS DANCE LESSONS - Attend our daily/weekly group dance classes

3 - SUPERVISED PRACTICE - Enjoy our fun weekly dance practice sessions!

Attend Our Social Events:

  • Dance exhibitions and competitions
  • Theme Parties for Christmas, Valentine's Day, Halloween & St. Patrick's Day
  • Group Outings
  • Ballroom Graduation Balls

Why learn how to dance?

  • Just for fun
  • For relaxation
  • It's great exercise
  • It's an exciting hobby
  • To stand out at weddings, special parties, anniversaries, business events and cruises
  • To learn that first special Wedding Dance
  • To impress friends
  • To boost self-confidence
  • To become a competitive ballroom dancer

Learning ballroom and latin dancing with
Ecole de Danse Sportive "Quartier Latin"
Your Dancing Satisfaction is guaranteed!

Ecole De Danse "Quartier Latin"                                 

Dance school in Montreal
Ecole de Danse Sportive "Quartier Latin"

Latin & Ballroom Dance School
International Style Latin & Ballroom Dance Lessons
Learn to dance with our professionals Maxim & Alina
latin & ballroom dances

Wedding dance

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